Reverse Power monitoring 70RPR

Reverse Power monitoring 70RPR

Brand :
Broyce Control

Description Of Product

Reverse Power monitoring 70RPR The product is designed to monitor AC generators operating in parallel or for boosting mains supplies. If the current in the supply being monitored is reversed to a value greater than the adjustable trip point, the relay will energise after the time delay (user adjustable). The relay will de-energise when the current drops below the trip point minus the hysteresis. Accurate setting of the trip point and time delay will ensure protection against “motoring” in the event of generator failure and prevent tripping due to surges encountered during synchronising.


Monitoring function
Reverse power
Trip level
2 – 20% (Reverse current)
DPDT 8A @ 250V (AC1)
W:100 x H:70 x D:112