NFC Earth Leakage Relay ELR01PN

NFC Earth Leakage Relay ELR01PN

Brand :
Broyce Control

Description Of Product

NFC Earth Leakage Relay ELR01PN An NFC (Near Field Communication) Earth Leakage Relay which allows the user to access and change various settings via a compatible Smartphone/Device with installed app. These include: Auto-reclosure operation Filter cut-off points Output relay operation/configuration Toroid ratio Additionally, there are “Pre-defined profiles” that can be used which are tailored for specific applications and allow the unit to be set-up quickly therefore saving time. Incorporating a “passive” mode, the user can also make adjustments to the relay even when there is no power applied. The app allows also for the user to read back information from the relay such as settings, relay status and leakage current present. The product is used in conjunction with an external Core Balance Current Transformer (CBCT) and is compliant with IEC 60947-2 / Annex M.


Monitoring function
Earth leakage
Trip level
0.006 – 1A
Time delay
0 – 10s
Aux. supply voltage
24 – 230VAC/DC
1 x SPDT/1 x SPNO – 8A @ 250V (AC1)
W:44 x H:85 x D:63.5
Product standard(s)
IEC 60947-2 Annex M, IEC 60755, IEC 62020